A new milestone

Copyright: Ogardonix

Copyright: Ogardonix

So, the day has finally come. Ralin – Dwarf Wars, the hack’n slash roguelike dungeon crawler, is now on Kickstarter. We’re trying to get 45.000 Pounds Sterling in 30 days. That is no easy task, but the entire team is doing everything they can in order to make this a success story. There is no turning back now!

My personal investment in this project has been huge. Sure, I have put more hours into Judith Gyrran, but that’s only normal, since that needs more text, so as a writer, I have to work more on it. In terms of gathering experience, Ralin has been a very important game for me so far. And now that it is on Kickstarter, things are really heating up.

We passed Greenlight in a few days, which was a huge success and a big surprise for me, as I thought we would need at least a couple of weeks. The response by the community has been amazing, and I thank all those who support us in our quest! Since that community is getting bigger and bigger every single day, the time necessary to respond to all the questions, requests and discussions also grows. The entire team is involved in that process too.

Unfortunately, this also means I am very busy right now. I’m helping Ogardonix where I can, but I also have my daytime job, which demands a lot of time and energy from me. Since there is only so much I can do, I have to cut back on some of my projects. This means that I will have to do a break with Culturegeek, my popular culture blog, for the duration of the Kickstarter campaign. While that blog is really important to me, there are more people dependent on how Ogardonix will evolve. I will update this blog more frequently though, so stay tuned for more info on Ralin and of course Judith Gyrran.

Please check out our kickstarter and support us, if you like what you see! And don’t forget to tell your friends 😉

Also, there’s a new video detailing some Wii U features!

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