First preview of Judith Gyrran

Copyright: Ogardonix Studios

Copyright: Ogardonix Studios

I’ve been waiting for quite some time to do this! After a lot of work, I feel confident enough about the English version of Judith Gyrran to give you a small preview. It’s the prologue to the very first episode, so there aren’t really any spoilers in here. If you like or dislike what you read, please tell me so on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail: judithgyrran[at]! New to Judith Gyrran? Then check out this blogpost! Alright, here’s the preview!

„When the artefact came to earth, nobody knew who to thank for it. Mankind thanked gods, they thanked their luck, they thanked the stars above what lifeforms might be among them. When it was opened, and its contents laid bare, nobody could have foreseen the technological leap forward Humanity was about to take. A leap that would take them beyond their home. Beyond earth. The stars were now in reach!

For almost two hundred years Mankind progressed through space and scientific knowledge. It would have continued, if it were not for the barrier. Surrounding the vast expanses of space that contained Earth, any attempt to pass through it was fatally destructive. Discovery of the barrier triggered, seemingly by design, the activation and emergence of advanced machine beings that came to be known as the Ancient Guardians. Attempts to communicate with or attack these beings were futile, they ignored anything less than assault and responded only with advanced weaponry to that. The Ancient Guardians appeared sporadically and did not interfere with Human affairs, so a policy of avoidance was officially maintained toward them.

Six years ago colonist Judith Gyrran was involved in an accident during scientific experimentation that made her genetic morphology unstable, causing her appearance to change every few days and slowing down her ageing process considerably. The omnipresent United Human Military (UHM) showed interest in her potential for espionage, but after a year of training she tired of working as a spy and pursued Mercenary work for them instead.

You are Judith Gyrran. The year is 2784…“

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