The universe of Judith Gyrran


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I asked on twitter, what the next blogpost should be about and you were really clear that you wanted to know more about the universe! Now I can share some information on that subject with you, but of course I’ll try and keep it spoiler free and won’t tell you everything about it.

As I wrote in the introduction, the story of Judith Gyrran takes place in 2784, so more than 700 years into the future. Humanity has expanded into space, but has hit a barrier, which limits their space travel. They can’t cross it and have dubbed it “The cocoon”, since it is hindering their progress.

When humanity first encountered the cocoon, something else happened: Ancient robots have reactivated and began operations whose purpose is unknown to humanity. They are not hostile until they are attacked and generally seem to mind their own business. Their number is small, but their presence instils fear in those who encounter them. Their weapon technology is beyond what humanity has achieved, so if a fight happens, there are huge losses on the side of the human military.

Speaking of which, the United Human Military (UHM) is one of the most important forces in this universe. Even though no alien lifeforms were encountered that were evolved enough for space flight, the UHM is the body that controls all human colonies. Even though some of those colonies successfully rebelled, Earth is still largely in control of humanity thanks to the UHM.

The UHM does not only have an army, but also contracts independent mercenaries, like Judith Gyrran. Those mercenaries who joined the colonies are generally referred to as pirates, even though they are not always on looting missions.

I hope this gives you some insights into the dynamics of this world. A lot of these elements won’t play a role in the first episode, however, their importance will increase from episode to episode. Stay tuned for next weeks blogpost and follow Judith Gyrran on Twitter or like her on Facebook and let me know, what you want to read about next!

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