Simpler, but better


A lot of things have happened since I last wrote about my work on Ralin – Dwarf wars. First of all, we got rid of the old plotline and I had to create an entirely new one. We did a shift in terms of approach to storytelling, opting a bit more for an abstract story. That means, less background is given and the plot has become significantly more streamlined in the process.

While that was quite a lot of work, it gives the team way more creative freedom. Sure, I still developed a lot of the universe and some background material, but the team can adapt and drop whatever they feel like. Since a lot of the developed stuff is optional, they can be switched and swapped. I am having a bit of a downtime now that the team is working on an alpha build, but that actually gives me some time to collect ideas. Of course, a bit of distance to the project before diving back in lets me take a new look at what I have created so far.

Progress is being made on a large scale as the rest of the team is working on pretty much every aspect of the game, and it fills me with amazement to see how this all takes shape. It´s really quite an unique experience for me and as I always say, I learn a lot just by participating in the creation process.

You can check out the progress the game is making over at indiedb!

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